Authored Cultures / Authoring Cultures
Negotiating Control over Media Texts

Toruń, 7-8 December 2018
Department of English, Nicolaus Copernicus University



The birth of the reader must be at the cost of the death of the Author.
(Roland Barthes, 1967)

Can the reader survive the death of the author?
(Cornel Sandvoss, 2007)

Authored Cultures / Authoring Cultures: Negotiating Control over Media Texts is an international conference that seeks to examine the theoretical and practical transformations of the roles of authors and readers. We wish to inquire into how the notion of authorship differs geographically and historically, across various media texts and in various practices, including translation and adaptation. We invite papers approaching the problem of authorship from a variety of perspectives – both theoretical and practical – and in multiple disciplines.

We are proud to announce our two distinguished Keynote Speakers:

Professor Mia Consalvo, Canada Research Chair in Game Studies and Design at Concordia University in Montreal, the co-author of Players and their Pets, co-editor of Sports Videogames and author of Cheating: Gaining Advantage in Videogames.

Dr Anna Backman Rogers, Senior Lecturer in Feminism and Visual Culture, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, whose publications include American Independent Cinema: Rites of Passage and The Crisis Image and Sofia Coppola: The Politics of Visual Pleasure. Dr Rogers will speak on the subject of  “Francesca Woodman and Female Authorship.”


Suggested themes include but are not limited to:

  • Authorship: contested, (re)negotiated, (re)confirmed, (de)constructed
  • Author(ity), power and control
  • Gendering, decolonising and queering authorship: situating marginalised authors
  • Questioning normativity: authorship and disability
  • Subversive strategies and techniques for contesting and re-writing media texts
  • Performing, narrating, and personalizing culture
  • Authorship and transmedia storytelling
  • Dissemination of texts and meanings; ownership and responsibility
  • New models of authorship – and readership – for new media (digimodernist, participatory or network authorship)
  • Remix culture, digital practices in art, poetry, fiction, theatre, music and media; ergodic literature
  • Bloggers, vloggers, youtubers: authors on/of social media
  • Authorship in game texts: developers, sponsors, scriptwriters
  • Indie games, fan games, mods and other game paratexts
  • Authors, prosumers or/and content creators
  • Construction of community (of readers, viewers, users)
  • Translation and authorship
  • Authorship and ghostwriting
  • Intertextuality, adaptation, appropriation
  • Devising and collective creation
  • Death of the reader

“Authored Cultures / Authoring Cultures” is the second event in a series of conferences dedicated to interdisciplinary explorations of contemporary culture. The results of the previous conference, “Haunted Cultures / Haunting Cultures: Spectres and Spectrality in Cultural Practices,” were published in two volumes:

Spectrality and Cognition: Haunted Cultures, Ghostly Communications. Theoria et Historia Scientiarum. Vol. 14 (2017)
Haunted Cultures / Haunting Cultures. Avant: Trends in Interdisciplinary Studies. Vol. VIII (2/2017)

Organizing committee:

Dr hab. Edyta Lorek-Jezińska
Dr hab. Katarzyna Więckowska
Dr Katarzyna Marak
Mgr Nelly Strehlau

Mgr Bernadetta Jankowska
Amelia Stańczyk
Maciej Bukowski.
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